Mike & Lacey | Lake Tahoe, California | Family Photographer

This session was literally a dream come true. Lacey and I went to high school together and we haven't seen each other in almost ten years. Mike and Lacey celebrated their five year anniversary by taking a vacation to California and I got the chance to catch a glimpse of their beautiful relationship. Not only was this couple up for anything (like going on an adventure through the woods with me and getting in a lake fully clothed) but at the very end of the session Lacey read incredibly moving vows to her husband. These two were a dream to work with, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

The McCafferty Family | Columbus, Ohio | Family Photographer

This was my favorite session so far. The McCafferty's are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Leighton is 4 years old and has just recently had open heart surgery and currently facing several more surgeries in the near future. This little girl is so inspiring; she is full of life, love and joy. The short hour that I spent with this family they radiated love and kindness. They are truly a family to aspire to. 

The Huerta Family | Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

I had such an amazing time at this session. Suzi is a dear friend of mine and she and her family graciously had my family at her father's orchard (where I spent the majority of my childhood). So, seeing our children play together in a place I considered home for many summers is something I'll never forget. My favorite session so far.