The Crew

     Here is the reason I do what I do; these guys. The little dude is Harlan and the chunky princess is miss Evelyn. They are August & Evie and they are my "why". Technically, they don't work with me but odds are one is sitting in my lap while the other is asking, "Who is that?" They see your family, they see the love between you and yours, and they see first hand what mommy does for a living. 

     These two kids are the reason photography fell in my lap and blossomed into so much more. I originally wanted 'nice pictures' of my kids because I couldn't hire a live-in photographer (I mean who could?!) You might notice below that they aren't looking at the camera saying "cheese", there is so much more to photograph. To me, the little moments are the most special: the tears, the joy, and catching them in their truest form. Those are the moments I will cherish forever. This is what I strive for with each family I work with, to catch your family being themselves and letting your true personalities shine through.